Where does a girl even begin. I am a 23 year old American tour guide/recent college graduate, doing my best to travel the world before I’m out time. People keep telling me it’s too dangerous for me to just go dancing through the continents, but I say NAY! We cannot cower from those who threaten us. Our lives have been threatened since the moment we entered this life. We are not steel or plastic – we are humans and the best any of us can do is live life to the fullest and hope for the best!

On that note, this blog was set up for two main reasons:

1) I want to share my adventure with my friends and family – many of you have asked me to post pictures, videos, etc to let you know how my trip is going (here ya go, all in one place).

2) Money is good! None of this adventure is going to be free, so if you have the funds and the drive, please check out the Discounts and Donate page to send a couple bucks my way! I don’t have a ticket home yet and I don’t have to make any scary student loan payments until Halloween, so I can realistically keep this adventure going as long as I have the financial support!