Discounts and Donations


Free stuff and discount codes for your travels! – $25 off your stay! I use all over the world and it has never let me down. A ton of the options they have also offer free cancellation and booking without a card. (P.S. I get $25 if you use this code – but not until after your first stay!)

AirBnb – $40 off your first trip of $75! AirBnb can be a great way to travel outside of the tourism industry (aka staying in hotels), a great way to meet locals, and to feel at home in a foreign setting. (P.S. I get $20 if you use this to stay somewhere or $75 if you host someone!)

SquareCash – $5 for joining the app! Use the code LCSWRQV (P.S. I get $5 after you use the app to send $50.)


For those who’d like to help me keep moving! All of these are acceptable forms of donation, but GoFundMe does take a cut off the top.

Venmo @floridagirlabroad

SquareCash $FloridaGirlAbroad