Preparations & Precious Cargo

        On June 6th, I leave my home town for the trip of a lifetime. My journey will last upwards of two months, during which time I plan to live fully out of a backpack and carry-on suitcase. I will be traveling to numerous countries throughout Europe, before spending 4 weeks in India: my biggest bucket list destination. Here’s a quick overview of my itinerary. 

  • June 6th – depart from the Sanford Orlando Airport
  • June 7th – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • June 8th – Paris, France
  • June 11th – Berlin, Germany 
  • June 14th – Auschwitz/Krakow, Poland
  • June 15th – Budapest, Hungary
  • June 18th – Athens, Greece
  • June 21st – Cairo, Egypt
  • June 25th – Istanbul, Turkey
  • July 1st – Mumbai, India
  • July 28 – New Delhi to London

(Note: I still have planning to do! I have my accommodations and route booked throughout Europe for two and a half weeks with my Colombian Mamas – Danielle and Sammie –  as well as planned stops in Cairo and Istanbul. However, the only confirmations I have so far for my time in India are a visa good for 60 days and a ticket into Mumbai and a ticket out of New Delhi.)

        The prep required to enter India is a little different than the prep to enter Europe… Rather than a passport and spending money, India requires multiple vaccinations to maintain health and wellbeing whilst traveling the diverse country. Among my required vaccinations were Hepatitis A and Typhoid Fever, as well as anti-malaria pills that I will have to take before, during and after my time in India. Oh- and did I mention that I have emergency cholera meds? How exciting. 

        I can’t wait to leave, but there is so much left to do! It seems impossible to get everything done in the next week. I have been preparing for this trip for months and now that it is getting so close, I wish I had an extra day or so to get all my ducks in a row. 


3 thoughts on “Preparations & Precious Cargo

  1. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what your travels encounter! Be safe and have a blast! FYI, the troop is following you too 😁


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